Here at Maxarya, we are keen about the quality and refinement of our bikes. We closely monitor the market and the needs of our customers. Our Ray-1 and Ray-1X recumbents were initially designed and produced with rigid handlebar stem. Soon many of our customers asked for possibility of a folding stem. It would bring lots of benefits including versatility of reach, transportation and storage.

We listened and quickly started planning the project of a new and matching folding stem. After the study and analysis of the concept completed, we created our 3D modeling and technical drawings. Since we were thinking about a limited quantity, the design was directed to CNC production. Soon the CNC prototype we called it LOCBUSTR appeared and was tested on our existing bikes. After a few modifications, the first batch of CNC products appeared and were shipped right away to hundreds of our existing customers who are enjoying their versatility and ease of use.

Because we’ve planned for the mass-production, we are on the way to bringing the retail price significantly lower. The LUBCUSTR folding stem is built meticulously with extreme precision and is solid, sturdy and comes in stylish matte black hard anodized. It offers a range of -5 to +90 degrees of rotation and can be adjusted as floating or locked. It not only works perfectly on all our Ray-1 and Ray-1X produced since 2000, but can be used on most other recumbents as well.

Hope you enjoyed the little LOCBUSTR story!